Jongo Hub Startup and SME CLINIC

The Startup Clinic is a core component of Jongo Hub’s commitment to fostering technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. It serves as a specialized support system designed to guide and nurture startups through various stages of development.

Our Primary Objectives

To provide comprehensive consultation, diagnostics, and treatment to startups.

To enhance the capabilities of startups for high impact and sustainable growth.

To create a supportive ecosystem that encourages innovation and collaboration.

To facilitate access to funding and investments to promising startups

The Vision

Raising a New Generation Champions and Change makers (African Kings and Queens) who through Creative designs, disruptive technologies, impact driven entrepreneurship and transformational Leadership, will change narratives.

The Mission

Empowering Ventures for High Impact.

Community-Based Incubator and Accelerator Manual

An overview of Jongo Hub’s Startup Clinic, outlining its key components and the services it offers to support startups in their growth journey.

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