Digitize-me 2019: Bridging the digital divide

Digitize me class
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Digitize me (#digitizeme) is a program organised by JONGO HUB. This is a program aimed at bridging the digital divide, by raising transformational digital citizens. Citizens whom through boot camps, will acquire specialized digital skill sets that will enable them harness the digital opportunities to acquire decent jobs, enhance entrepreneurship and create wealth.

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Why digitization is important to Africa

The African continent is very ripe for transformation. It is home to nine of the world’s 15 fastest-growing economies. This makes the continent very attractive for global business investment. Cameroon in particular is seen as a vibrant country with many attractive industries and digitizing opportunities.

Digitize me class
Digitize Me Lesson on Digital Marketing

The southwest region boasts of an IT Ecosystem known as The Silicon Mountain. This combined with many other individual efforts to bridge the digital gap, has boosted the potential for the country to reach high heights in the digital industry.

Technology and education are sometimes considered as the two great equalizers in life. Today, technology is seen as that articulation point, which can transform local economies and create many new opportunities. Digitization, if well curbed, can allow African states to position themselves as economy leaders.

Jongo Hub’s Contribution

Jongo hub is a Tech Hub in Cameroon and an entrepreneurial social enterprise. With a community membership set out to challenge the status quo , break silos , and build solutions.

Jongo Hub Team
Jongo Hub Team

To make her objectives, Jongo Hub brings together entrepreneurs, innovators, techies, creatives, and professionals to drive positive change.

It is in this path that Jongo Hub, being among the leading tech Hubs in Cameroon, organises digital based events and trainings all year round.

Programs like ICT for Kids, and the recently launched Digitize-me 2019 program. These are just a few of the many programs which have a main aim “Digitizing communities”.

Your Contribution

“There are infinite opportunities on the digital platform, and fintechs are working round-the-clock to develop and introduce new products here. However, these changes will benefit only those economies that embrace digitization, invest in the required infrastructure, and introduce commensurate regulatory technology.”

Njuguna Ndung’u (Former Governor, Central Bank of Kenya)
Digital training

It is our collective responsibility to cinch that Africa is not left behind in the digital transformation that is sweeping across the globe.

It is important not to just be part, but to be leading it.You are invited to contact us at Jongo Hub to inquire on how you too could be a part of that transformation.

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