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About us

Thank you for checking in to JONGO. We are an Innovation based business development community. We are all about the power of innovation through community and collaboration.

About Us

Thank you for checking in to JONGO. We are an Innovation based business development social enterprise. We are a community of innovation driven change makers working together in a co-creation and co-working for transformation. We empower venture for high impact, we develop fundable venture and we create an innovation based entrepreneurial ecosystem.
A bet has been placed on entrepreneurship as the only means to create millions of decent jobs for transformation on the continent We want to be part of this transformation by providing all the support entrepreneurs need to succeed. This is our lone reason for existence. We believe there is no shortage of good ideas to solve the issues of our time, but there is an acute lack of collaboration (Community) and support structures to help make them happen. Imagine how enjoyable dancing can be. Jongo is a black civil right liberation dance practiced in southern brazil. We want to make the tedious road of entrepreneurship as easy as dance steps BOTTOM LINE: We empower ventures for high Impact
We are building a formidable community of entrepreneurs, investors and organizations, that would offer technical training, support, professional mentoring and coaching, that will foster strategic partnerships, and market access for young entrepreneurs. well as linking Jongo Hub is a physical + online (digital) hangouts with all the tools & platforms needed to grow and develop innovative ventures for the world. Jongo Hub is at the root of a global network of Hubs and entrepreneurs, combining the best of an innovation based incubator, innovation academy, trusted innovation based community, center for thought leadership events (think of TEDx), collaborative technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship training, and global and local market network platforms, with the comforts of home…a home for innovation possibilities

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